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To provide you the best value while meeting your station's specific needs, Moody offers several pricing options.

Shared Revenue

Earn revenue by carrying Moody Radio programs. Together we can help equip your listeners as they take the next step with Christ. Listeners will be offered a featured resource for a donation of any amount - your station will share in a portion of this revenue. 


Get access to Moody Radio programs for free by airing a 60-second barter spot during eligible feature programs. The Ministry Spot Barter Agreement allows stations to forgo all monthly fees in exchange for 60 seconds of air time. 

Piggy Bank

Stations will not be charged when they carry the 60-second barter spot at the 54:00 minute mark. These barter spots will include non-commercial content related to all aspects Moody Bible Institute's ministries. 


Moody Radio also offers the flexibility to pay for some programs and trade air time for other features. 



Stations electing to opt out of the Barter Agreement will be charged the current monthly fee for each feature program. If you contract to air one or more of the feature programs, you will be granted access to all of Moody Radio’s programming for free.  

Syndicated Affiliates

A syndicated affiliate airs only programs not covered by another affiliation agreement. Stations can have access to syndicated programming by airing Moody Presents, Today in the Word Radio, Radical with David Platt, Treasured Truth or paying a flat monthly fee.