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Programming Support

Our team strives to provide your station with a broadcasting experience that goes far beyond a satellite feed. 

Programming Schedules

MB1 is the long-form, 24/7 programming format used by most affiliates, and includes the network relay system and a teaching/talk primary programming format that includes the noncommercial SRN News hourly newscasts. 

ArrowView a current MB1 schedule.Soundbars

Programming Clocks

Every hour has two optional breaks and one Legal ID break:

One Minute
Legal ID break at the top of the hour at :59

One Minute
Optional break at :54

Two Minute
Optional break at :28

Additional Optional Breaks
Provided during our feature program hours. Please view the programming clocks for additional details. 

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FTP Delivery

The Moody Radio Affiliate FTP site offers a convenient means of downloading most of Moody Radio’s produced audio programs and promo spots. The FTP site also includes Sample Barter Spots and Sharathon Spots for affiliates.

ArrowView programs available by FTP.